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Sponsor A Student

What does it mean to Sponsor a child in the Liberian Youth Orchestra? We believe every child deserves an opportunity to receive a well rounded education. Did you know that 65% of boys and 73% of girls drop out of school in Liberia? Music education provides healing, peace, confidence, determination, and dignity. It also provides an incentive to stay in school and receive an academic education. The LYO is the only orchestra in the Republic of Liberia and one of the only organizations offering music education to children.

Sponsorship means Hope...

For $48/month you can provide hope in the form of a music education, help with school fees, a meal every day before orchestra class, Biblical instruction, and potential for a future with many possibilities and opportunities. The LYO is offered at no cost to the students, but is a gift by generous supporters like you. Thank you for impacting the children of Liberia in a very practical and beneficial way. 

This donation will help to achieve our mission. We'll be able to:
- Support and educate underserved children
- Provide a path of opportunity, hope, and dignity through music education
- Give a child a brighter future

When LYO students receive a sponsorship, the joy they feel is indescribable, not just for the student, but for the entire family. Just knowing that someone across the globe cares means more than you can imagine. Sponsoring a child with an opportunity of education, love, self-confidence, and music will profoundly change the future for your sponsored child, and it will change your own life as well.


Our wonderful partners can choose to donate with a monthly recurring gift or with an annual gift that provides funding for their sponsored student for the entire school year.

Sponsor a child today!

$48/ month 

$576/ year

You will receive letters and photo/ video updates of you sponsored child throughout the year.

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