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As Radical As 1847


GOAL IS $18,470

Be as radical as 1847. Why 1847? Liberia made history in 1847 by declaring her independence. This Giving Tuesday, we honor that transformative year by being radically generous in giving back. 


Our students will be involved in donating their time in different service projects in Liberia in increments of 1, 8, 4, and 7 hours. Together with our young people we are striving for 1,847 combined volunteer hours in community service for the month of November. We want to not only ask others to join us in giving, but also to give back ourselves.


Liberian Youth Orchestra has set a goal of $18,470 to be raised on Giving Tuesday. We are also asking others to join our village and become a recurring monthly donor. Why? Because empowerment is not a one-time act. It's a commitment. It's our ongoing mission to ensure every child in Liberia is provided a path of opportunity, hope, and dignity through music education.


We understand everyone's situation is different. In the spirit of  the theme 1847, we are asking you to choose a weekly, or monthly gift of $18.47 or choose a monthly gift of $184.70. Your contribution is more than just a donation, it's a torch passed on, lighting a path of beauty and progress for generations to come.


Would you join us and be As Radical As 1847? Pledge your support, and let's build a legacy of change one donor at a time.

Liberian Youth Orchestra is a registered 501c3. All gifts are tax exempt.

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