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Most parents in Liberia have to decide between putting food on the table and sending their children to school So buying school supplies is not a reality for most children, as the more pressing need of food/survival rightly wins.

The sad consequence of this is that the children go to school with inadequate or no supplies. Some of them are not able to perform simple tasks like  take notes with a pencil or write in their notebooks because they don't have one of their own, they share with 2 or 3 other children.

So LYO has created this School Supply Drive to provide as many children in the orchestra and Heart of Grace School with school supplies. We need your help to shop for a great cause! Below is a list of what we would love to see in each backpack. If you can only purchase pencils, great! If you can purchase 1 backpack full of supplies, great! If you can purchase 10 backpacks full of supplies, great! If you cannot shop, but would like to help fund the purchase of a backpack, you can click the Donate tab at the top and write "School Supplies" in the memo line.

1 Backpack filled with:

3 folders.

1 pack of pencils                          

1 pack of erasers                        

 1 1" Black Binder

1 box of colored pencils  

1 pencil pouch 

3 composition notebooks 

1 1" Black Binder        

1 box of crayons

1 pack of 3x5 index cards

A handwritten note from you encouraging the student 


A solar reading light for studying (it gets dark @6pm and most homes do not have electricity for lights.

workbooks for grades K-6

A donation of $20 to help cover transportation/ shipping costs.

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