Liberian Youth Orchestra

Music Impact Trip... July 18-27,2020

Music…Missions…Really? Can real mission work be accomplished when a group of musicians

unite together in a foreign country to play and teach music? That would be fun, not ministry,


Music builds bridges in a way that nothing else can. It moves our souls, and lifts our spirits, and glorifies God. And because of its impact, music transcends cultural boundaries easily.

Music education has created “relationship bridges” in the community, and all over the country

of Liberia. Many of these relationships are strategically built and cultivated with local

influencers in the arenas of education, government, and business through music education. I

have personally seen how these relationships end up opening more doors for evangelism,

discipleship, and encouragement of believers everywhere.

I am a musician. That is how I am wired, and that also makes me a steward of a great gift. I

have heard it said, and now have observed first-hand, that music indeed is an international

language. The LYO uses that language expertly to build bridges in Liberia for Jesus’ sake. I am

grateful to exercise a part of what God has entrusted to me, and I invite you to do the same.



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